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peeing more at night

Why are you peeing more at night?

Why are you peeing more at night?

I have received this question multiple times so I decided to write it down for everyone.

Many have asked why they are peeing more at night more than they used to in the past. Well, there can be multiple reasons for that. It depends on many factors like age, any current medical condition you have, your dietary habits etc.

Usually, your body makes less urine at night time. That’s why you don’t need to pee at night and can have sound full sleep. But many of you have to wake up again and again at night to pee and this is affecting your sleep very badly. You feel sleepy at day, at your work and that is also affecting your productivity at work. All this fuss just because you didn’t have proper sleep, thanks to your frequent visits to your washroom.

Now Let’s jump to the reasons why are you peeing more at night. It can be due to any of the following reasons :

1. You are drinking more fluid than you used to before and that too before sleep or at evening time.

2. Lately you have increased the amount of caffeine or alcohol intake. Cut down your intake of both of them.

3. You are suffering from UTI (Urinary Tract Infection). It is the infection of the urinary tract.

4. You have enlarged prostate, condition known as Benign Hypertrophy of Prostate. This is seen more commonly in elder people.

5. Your urine output increases during pregnancy. As the size of uterus increases, it compresses the bladder which results in frequent peeing.

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6. You may have certain medical conditions like Diabetes, CKD, Heart diseases.

7. Certain medications prescribed for high blood pressure, diabetes and heart failure also results in frequent urination. These medicines help in reducing the volume overload so that it doesn’t put extra load on your heart.

You should consult your doctor soon so the underlying problem which is forcing you to pee more at night can be detected earlier.

Treatment will depend on the underlying condition.

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