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What are the warning signs of Heart Attack?

What are various warning signs of a Heart Attack?

It’s is very important for everyone to know and remember various warning signs of a heart attack. Why so? Many people lose their lives just because they don’t know about various signs of a heart attack. They don’t take emergency medical help, they don’t even know if they need one. Various signs and symptoms of heart attack are similar to other common problems like heartburn due to acidity or gas. Getting medical help on time can save your life. Minutes of delay in reaching the hospital can decide life and death. So it becomes very important for everyone to know about various warning signs of a heart attack.

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Let’s discuss about different warning signs of heart attack

  • Chest pain. One of the most common indicators of heart attack is chest pain. You may also feel like someone is squeezing your chest, or a heavy object is placed on your chest. Chest pain can be sharp and unbearable but it can be mild also. It may come and go after intervals. Chest pain may radiate to your jaw, neck, shoulders or arms. Also, remember that chest pain may not present in people who are diabetic or have some other medical problems of nerves. Men are more likely to experience chest pain while women are more likely to experience jaw or backache along with chest discomfort.
  • Difficulty breathing – You may not be able to breathe properly. It could be shortness of breath with chest or without having chest pain.
  • Cold sweat – You may get drenched in a cold sweat.
  • You may feel nauseated or lightheaded. You may get episodes of vomiting.
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If you experience these warning symptoms or you observe these warning signs in some other person, call the medical emergency number immediately.

In the USA, it’s 911. In India, these are the emergency numbers – Single Emergency helpline number ‘112’ for immediate assistance services from the police (100), fire (101), health (108), and women (1090).

Emergency medical staff is trained to handle an emergency situation like a heart attack. They will start treatment as soon as they reach your location. Remember, minutes can save your or your loved one’s life.

You can find all the emergency numbers of different Indian states here Indian Helpline Numbers.

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