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Free Online Health Consultation

With a population of almost 8 billion all over the world, it’s not easy for healthcare professionals to reach each and every person and answer all their queries, especially in government-run hospitals. Due to a load of patients sometimes your queries get unanswered. We, at HealthPedia INDIA, took a small initiative to help you with your queries. We are not affiliated with any government or private Institute or Hospital. We are an independent team of doctors willing to help our society. We take health-related questions from everyone, which means from patients all over the world. Use the below contact form to ask us anything about health. You can ask on social media too (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). We will try our best to answer your health-related queries as soon as possible. Your identity will be kept secret. Your personal or health-related information will not be shared with anyone without your consent. If we feel that we are getting a lot of queries/questions about the same topic then we may post a blog or article about the same. Oh yes, it’s totally free of cost. We won’t charge you a single penny. That’s a forever promise. If you want to contribute any amount then you can do so by clicking on Donate. It will enable us to help people in better and more efficient ways. Stay healthy, Stay Safe !!

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