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how to stop hiccups?

How to Stop Hiccups?

How to Stop Hiccups?

Well, that’s a tricky one. Let’s try out this mystery.

What are Hiccups?

These are the involuntary contractions of your diaphragm.

What is Diaphragm?

It is a muscular structure that helps you in breathing.

Why they occur?

Because of the irritation of the nerve supplying diaphragm.

How to Stop Hiccups?

There are not many scientific studies or data available which can tell exactly what to do. But there are some not so scientific ways by which hiccups can be controlled. They don’t work always but most of the time. So why not give them a try.

  • Breathing into a paper bag – Basically what you are doing is alternating your breathing pattern so your diaphragm readjusts its contractions. It may help control those involuntary contractions.
  • Drink water – Taking small sips of cold or warm water may stimulate other nerves supplying your throat. That will stop or inhibit the unnecessary firing of the nerves of your diaphragm. This theory is vaguely based on the “gate control theory”. It’s like you are diverting the mind of irritated nerves.
  • Massage neck or back. Again it’s a good way to stimulate other nerves so that irritated nerves can be inhibited. You can give it a try and run your own experiment.
  • Deliver shocking news. That can be a good way to stop hiccups. I am sure every nerve will stop working for a moment, not just the irritating ones. Jokes aside, try this method with caution. This one can be dangerous if you are delivering shocking news to someone who is already suffering from a major health issue. So a big DISCLAIMER: DON’T TRY ON PATIENTS
  • Have a good laugh: By laughing, you are voluntarily contracting your diaphragm. Maybe that will take over the involuntary counterpart.
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Keep experimenting and let me know if you have tried any crazy ideas to stop your hiccups.

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