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Nutritarian Diet

Nutritarian Diet

What is Nutritarian Diet? You’ll lose weight, keep it off and reach peak health – without counting calories – through whole-plant and nutrient-rich foods by following the Nutritarian diet, according to the doctor who created it. Break out the salad bowl: Filling up with plant-based, nutrient-dense, disease-fighting superfoods, while limiting animal protein and processed choices […]

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Vegan diet

Vegan Diet

What Is The Vegan Diet? The vegan diet means you are eliminating all foods of animal origin which include eggs, meat, fish, poultry, dairy products and honey. Why people adopt a Vegan Diet? People adopt a vegan lifestyle to improve their health, for environmental or ethical reasons. Vegans are mainly concerned about the killing of

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knee pain

Knee pain

Knee pain is a common symptom faced by people of all ages. It can be acute or chronic, after an exercise or injury. It can be mild or may progress to severe pain. What are the Causes? There are many causes of pain in the knee joint. One of the most common cause is being

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Zika Virus infection

Zika Virus Disease

Zika Virus Disease What is Zika Virus Disease? It is an infection caused by a virus named Zika. It is named after the Zika forest in Uganda, where the virus was first discovered in 1947. How Zika Virus spreads? Zika virus spreads: mostly by a mosquito bite (same mosquito which spreads dengue fever and chikungunya virus). These mosquitoes usually

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high cholesterol foods

High blood cholesterol level (Hyperlipidemia or Hypercholesterolemia)

High blood cholesterol level OR Hyperlipidemia OR Hypercholesterolemia What is Cholesterol? Cholesterol is a fat that your body needs to perform many functions. What is Hyperlipidemia or Hypercholesterolemia? It is the medical term for high blood cholesterol levels. Your body needs cholesterol for various functions. The problem arises when the blood level of cholesterol increases

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